At Henkel we have the vision to be a global market leader with our brands and technologies. We offer a compact and clearly structured portfolio of well-proven classic and innovative products. With our innovations we ensure our future ability to proactively adapt to the changes in the world.


FUSIONXLT is a new generation of neutral silicone sealants, oxime-free and MEKO-free!

PL Premium High Tack

UniBond Trade PL Premium High Tack, based on patented Flextec technology, bonds most materials* with its unbeatable instant grab of 350 Kg/m². 

FT 101

The high quality seal, bond and fill solution for all your jobs, primer less adhesion on almost all materials and conditions (wet conditions, indoor & outdoor). 


UniBond TRADE WHITETEQ Thermal & Sound Insulation Winter is a new generation White PU Foam.